Camellias Leather Steel Boned Waist Training Corset Review

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Corsets are not only adored for being functional and shape giving, but also for its immense prettiness and when it comes to looking fabulous, what looks better than a nice leathery or velvety look. The Camellias Leather Steel Boned Waist Trainer Corset is a beautiful underbust corset and waist shaper which will definitely add to both your curves and oomph factor. It has a reasonable price and it beats its counterparts and stands victorious as the best quality corset in its price range.

This underbust corset is beautifully designed, very pretty to look at and it gives a slim and fabulous look to the wearer. The material is soft and yet capable of retaining its shape and giving support. It can be described as a ‘perfect starter waist training corset’.

Made of faux leather, the material is soft but at the same time stiff enough to provide the adequate support needed. It uplifts the bust area and clinches the waist making the body look curvaceous. It is very fashionable looking and can be worn outside as well as inside outfits for both slimming and interesting new looks. It is also designed for waist training purposes.

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There are 12 flexible spiral steel bones that run throughout the corset. This full spiral steel boning put along with the strong steel busk fastening give this corset the best shape and powerful support. The criss-cross ribbon laced adjustable back can be fastened as required to fit the body perfectly.

It is recommended highly by its users for its quality and appearance as they claim that it is superior to almost every other corset of the same price range in both functionality and stability. They also felt that was well worth more than its price, since its price comes in the reasonable/budget category. The size of each individual piece may vary a little but overall this corset is worth investing in.

It is long lasting and is a good addition to a costume collector or someone who likes to include corsets in their daily attire. It is also good for people who like to wear a waist cincher on a regular basis for weight loss and would like to mix up the outfit a little. It is even great to bring something new to the bedroom!


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