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When it comes to high quality and durability, the La Reve Waist Cincher Corset is the way to go. Designed to provide great support, flexibility and comfort, this corset is multifunctional and can be used for waist training or as a waist cincher for weight loss, or to reshape the stomach after pregnancy or even as a postpartum support girdle. This product is perfect for any woman regardless of her size for the accentuation of curves and belly flattening. When weight loss is imperative but so is comfort, this corset is the right choice. This underbust corset is a highly recommended one!

This corset is and it is designed to make people feel confident and thinner. It has been used after an abdominal operation for support and to help with the healing and it did a fabulous job at giving just the adequate amount of pressure required for the healing of the injury while the material felt comfortable and breathable.

This corset is very economical and is made of high quality materials. It is made with a waffle knit material that adds a layer of comfort to the corset. This quality is lacking in most other waist cinchers. The corset also has flexible boning that adds stability and does not allow the cincher to ride up and keeps it in place. It also has high quality thread work that doesn’t wear out easily and is durable.

Being one of the best waist cincher corsets around it’s virtually undetectable under clothing and hence can be worn under any outfit without it looking awkward or misplaced. It has a medium compression cincher that sits right below the bust and ends just at the top of the hip bone. This provide maximum support to the torso. The corset can be worn in two ways, with the hooks in the front or at the back, to meet the preference of the customers.

The La Reve Waist Cincher or Weight Loss Bustier is a corset of many functions apart from weight training. A corset of this calibre at such a reasonable rate is a must have for people who use corsets, as it is a real winner.


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