Overbust Corsets –  Are They Right For You?

Overbust corsets are the most familiar type of corsets which covers the upper body, above from the bust and down till the hips. They can be worn either as a lingerie or only as a standalone top and are available in a variety of designs, colors and material. They can change a woman’s entire shape by trimming the waist, showcasing your bust by making it look larger than it normally is or even by toning them down.




Types of Overbust Corsets

There are a few of this with the popular ones below.

Cupped Corsets

– They give better support for larger breasts and have in-built pads. Wearing a cupped overbust under your clothing makes it look like you’re wearing a bra, combined with a waist cincher. They are ideal especially when worn under strapless dresses. Their pros are that they take huge amounts of pressure off the neck, shoulders and the upper back by supporting the bust properly from below and eliminating the need for shoulder straps.

Lingerie Corsets

– These are equipped with silk and beads, laces and come with a G-string and are more revealing. They can hold the stockings also with detachable or built in garters. Women who wear lingerie corsets feel more alive and sexy. They are excellent for in-door sexy play amongst couples by helping them to express love and passions they may have hidden within themselves.

Overbust Steel Boned Corset

Corsets are constructed with a variety of fabrics like leather, satin, brocade, mesh etc. but all are reinforced with steel boning to give it strength for waist training and accentuate the hip curve and bustline.  Steel boned corsets can be overbust or underbust and the type of corset you use is entirely based on your personal preference.

Overbust corsets however give an advantage by covering the breasts and eliminating the need to wear a bra. They are available with or without straps to support the shoulders. Overbust steel boned corsets are worn as a fashion statement or for back and posture support and is the best deal for losing waist inches and having a nice posture.

Reasons to wear Overbust corsets

Corsets are worn for different purposes and it is always wise to consider the reasons before purchasing.

  1. Posture Support:

    Overbust corsets are the best choice for your posture. They support your rib cage and often come up to the shoulder blade in the back. There are few short corsets available that can support the lumbar area of your body as well.

  1. Upper Back pain management:

    Overbust corsets are more supportive for the people suffering from spine misalignment or upper back pain. It can provide you comfort throughout the day.

  1. Support for Heavy breasts:

    This is always the most relevant reason for buying an over bust corset as a heavy breast can cause serious medical issues sometimes. They work securely to support the bust and prevents the risk of them falling down and putting a strain on your body.

  1. Shoulder Injury Management:

    Heavy breasts can lead to tendon injuries and muscle strain which may result in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. This syndrome is caused by nerve compression and its symptoms include numbness in hands, tingling, swelling and blood circulation issues. It can be prevented by few exercises, physical therapy and selecting a right corset for yourself.

Apart from the physical benefits, wearing corsets can have many social, mental and emotional benefits. For one, it can help people with low self esteem to boost their self confidence and encourage a belief of self worth by improving the body image and posture. They also provide pressure therapy and gives a feeling of a deep hug, which provides comfort to many. A corset owner can consider themselves aloof from the society in their mind as they can cherish the asset they have in the form of corset which is exclusive to them. Surprisingly, Reiki practitioners also believe that the steel bone in the corset helps to conduct energy by amplifying it during their healing sessions to aid in the natural healing processes of the patient’s body.


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Tips to wearing an Overbust Corset under clothes

There are endless possibilities whiles deciding on how to wear an overbust corset. It can be worn over the clothes or under the clothes which can help you in real life to enhance your confidence. The tips below will help you when wearing your corset under your clothes.

  • Don’t tie a thick knot while tieing your corset strings. Always make it into a single bow and tuck them in neatly.
  • Corsets will show a little while wearing skin tight dresses. So it is always recommended to keep this in mind while wearing them. Try to avoid wearing see through clothes so as not to show off too much.
  • To avoid bumps, do not consider the corsets with ruffles or bows.
  • Choose a right fabric of your clothings whiles wearing it under your clothes as it can cause some irritations.
  • Ill fitting corsets can cause body aches and back pain, so it is always necessary to consider the right size before making a choice.

Guide to buying the right size of Overbust Corset

Choosing a type of corset to wear is comparatively easy than choosing the right size as per your body shape. The most precise and accurate way is to measure the waist correctly.

We will recommend the following steps below for measuring to get an appropriate size for your body:

  • Measurement of the waist – Take the measuring tape and pull it in a comfortable way but not too tight. There must be no slack in the tape. For taking the measurements consider your natural waist, hips and underbust.
  • Take the silhoutte level – The curviness factor has to be determined by taking the waist-upper hip and waist-underbust ratio to choose a proper fit.
  • Measurement of bust for overbust corset – Take the tape and wrap around bust in a comfortable position. Always opt for the fullest part without any slack in the tape.

Most of the time the corset size falls 4-6 inches below the waist measurement.  For instance, if the waist size is 35, the size of the corset must be about 30.

If you intend to actively use your corset for waist training it is always suggested to go for a bigger corset as the smaller ones will be painful and can ruin the waist training experience. Although every individual is different, these are general guidelines while sizing a corset. Many other factors must be kept in mind though like your muscle tone, body fat, etc.

In conclusion, modern corsets are designed to give you a proper shape by slimming the waist and accentuating the hips and the bust. Today the corsets are not as wondering as they used to be an era ago. They are now worn by many celebrities including Kim Kardashian for events, proms and even on the red carpet. A corset on a button down shirt with a classy jeans can give you an entirely different, amazing, sexy and provocative look. Overbust corsets can delightfully alter your body shape and give you seductive curves. Thus it becomes necessary to have the perfect corset to get that elegant look.