Playgirl Label Strong Steel Boned Underbust Corset Review


The Playgirl Label Strong Steel Boned Underbust Corset is the perfect corset for getting the perfect figure that you want. This amazing corset is lined up with almost 24 completely high density and quality steel bones. It is specially built for the women who require an underbust corset and want to achieve the perfect waist size. This corset has a tight lacing which completely fits the waist and creates perfect hourglass silhouette. It’s perfect fitting helps to improve the back posture which makes you look slimmer. There are four layers of the fabric that are part of this corset which includes 100% cotton as well. This corset helps you to have a tucked in tummy and make your waist appear at least 6 inches small than its original size.



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With the front of 13 inches and back of 11 inches, this special steel boned corset is designed according to everyone’s body type. It is perfect for girls of different heights and shapes. As the name suggests, the Underbust Steel Boned Corset is for the girls who are underbust, this is the reason that it does not have built in bra support. In simple words, if you are wearing this corset then you will have to wear a bra with it.

Apart from having a lot of pros, there are also some cons that are part of the Playgirl Label Strong Steel Boned Underbust Corset. This corset is designed to be worn slowly, thus, if you try to pull it in extra tightly then the life span of this corset will decrease overtime. Forcefully cinching its top will result in damaging the corset right from the beginning and eventually it will lose the grip around your waist which means it won’t work effectively.


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