Playgirl Reinforced 26 Steel Boned Waist Training Corset

Playgirl Label 4 reinforeced


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For girls trying to shed extra pounds and tone their waist the Playgirl Label 4 Layer Reinforced 26 Steel Boned Waist Training Corset, should definitely be your corset of choice. It is one of the most effective ways of making sure you get slim and trim your waist in no time. If you are looking for an effecting trimmer this Steel Boned Corset should be your choice. The corset is especially designed to give perfect support to your back. You will feel your posture getting better with every passing day. Wearing a corset can make you feel uncomfortable especially if you are new to it. This is the reason that everyone wants to wear a completely comfortable corset. As the name suggests, there are a total of four layers of the fabric used in this corset. The cotton lining used in this corset makes it extremely comfortable to wear during all seasons. It is also effective at giving the perfect grip around the waist. Having a perfect grip is the key to looking trimmed wearing a corset.

There are almost 26 steel bones in this corset. Out of these 26 bones, there are 20 spiral bones, 4 rigid bar bones and 2 bars are close to the front busk. The presence of these bones helps you to tighten the corset around your waist. Its grip allows you to lose the maximum inches in minimum amount of time. The best thing about this corset is that you can wear it during a party and even at your gym. The cotton lining makes it easy to carry around all the time.

Playgirl Label 4 Layer

Playgirl Reinforced 26 Steel Boned Waist Training Corset comes in different sizes. However, if you want to make your waist look extra small than its original size, buying a two size smaller corset is the wise choice. The length of these corset are made according to different body shapes. This corset not only decreases the size of your waist but they also help you to hide your tummy fat. They keep your tummy fat tight and tucked in all the time which also leads to loosing this stubborn fat.


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