Underbust Corset – Select the Perfect One for Yourself

A corset that focuses on your waist and rest under the bust and fits you completely is an underbust corset. They are also known as braless corsets. They begin under the breasts and extend towards the hips. They give your waist a trimming look and the body an appearance of an hourglass figure. As it does not cover the breast so while buying it, you don’t need to worry about the size of your breasts. However, still there are things that you need to consider while selecting the perfect one for you. Here are some tips that can help you in selecting the best Underbust Corsets.


Playgirl Underbust Corset


Selecting the Right Underbust Corset

Underbust corset doesn’t give you bust support, lift and shape like the overbust corset do. But it can help you to achieve the perfect hourglass figure that you always dreamt off while flattening your stomach, boosting your cleavage and sculpting your hips. There are some useful things that you should consider while buying underbust corsets for yourself.


Though the size of your breasts doesn’t matter whiles selecting the underbust corset you still need to take care of the waist, hips and underbust measurements. The corset should fit perfectly with your body and enhance your body shape.

You can use a measuring tape to measure your underbust, waist and hips. Measure you underbust by measuring the bottom of your bra, just under your busts. To measure your waist, measure the smallest part of your waist which is about an inch above your belly button, your waist is usually smallest there. And for measuring hip, measure the widest part. You can stand in front of a mirror and see where you are thinnest or widest and measure your size.

Always remember that the corset looks and fits best when they are of the correct size. So selecting the right sized corset is the most important part to serve the purpose.


There are two types of corset – underbust and overbust. As the name suggests, Underbust corset is below your breasts while an overbust corsets covers your breasts.

Overbust or Underbust corset – Which style is for you?

It is preferable for very busty women to tone down their bust, and thus wearing an overbust corset could do wonders and give them a look that is sleek and slimming.

A flat-chested woman could get help from a corset underbust to perk their bust area up by making it look larger and increasing the appearance of their cup size as one size larger than it is.

For a woman with a boyish figure, who wants to create some feminine curves, both underbust and overbust corsets will work their magic.


Other than the size you should also consider the purpose i.e, why you need an underbust Corset. Most people use it for waist training but other purposes are also there. You can wear a corset under your dress to look magnificent and perfectly shaped. Also you can wear a sexy underbust corset to make your sex life more interesting. So you should select your corset based on your purpose.


Last but not the least, in addition to style and fashion you should also consider comfort, brand and quality of the corset. It should be comfortable enough to wear it for long.

How to wear an underbust corset?

You might have gotten an idea for selecting the perfect underbust corset, now the question is how to wear an underbust corset. It’s very easy to put on a corset, if someone is there to help you. However, you can also wear it yourself by following the instructions below:

Step 1: First you need to loosen the lace at the back and make a gap of 4 to 6 inches. Then put the corset around you (not on bare skin, preferable over a slip, chemise or camisole).

Step 2: Once your corset is in place, you should fasten the front busk. First do the top clasp and then follow with the rest.

Step 3: Now reach to the back, gently pull the loops and tighten the lacing from top and bottom towards the middle until you are happy and comfortable with the fit. You should feel a nice hugging sensation but still it should be comfortable enough.

Step 4: Tie the ends in a bow at the back to finish.

Always remember not to lace the corset closed or very tightly on the first few wearings as corsets needs break in time to mould with the shape of your body. Putting too much pressure on the corset may damage the fabric or its stitching. Also it may cause discomfort and misfit.

What to wear with underbust corset?

To accommodate both fashion and function, here we have stylish clothing that could be worn with underbust corsets. As the corset doesn’t provide any breast coverage you are free to wear any clothing that suits you. And you can make your own choice. But if you’re confused about what to wear with underbust corset then we are here to help you out.

The underbust corsets are normally worn under your clothing to get that hourglass figure that every woman crave for. But if you want to make a fashion statement, you can wear it with skirts or pants or any sexy bottoms. You can also wear an underbust corset with a ruffled type shirt to create a better bust.

There are Underbust corset tops available that look really great with a nice fitting shirt or blouse. Also if you are a smaller bust girl, then you should try on underbust steel boned corset to make your bust should look larger and feel more comfort and support. So Make your own choice and feel free to choose the best for your body that highlights your personality every time.

What to wear under an underbust corset?

As an underbust corset doesn’t covers any part of the breasts, a separate garment is required to support the bust. Also you should wear a separate garment under it to minimize wear. Here are a few tips on what to wear under an underbust corset.

  • You can normally wear a bra that you like the best. The underbust corsets give you the support but corset always requires something to be worn under it. The liners of the corset or camis should never touch the skin, as they cannot be cleaned easily.
  • Traditionally corset can be worn with either dress, shirts that can be short or long sleeves. As we know that very minute variation can also make a big change to your look.
  • Another alternative is Muslin that can also be worn under, it’s somewhat a low quality material made up of cotton so trying on is not a big deal, feel comfortable.
  • Linen is one of the chemise tops that can be worn under underbust as linen is antimicrobial and anti-bacterial it would work very well throughout your day and keep you cool in summer.


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Taking Care of Your Corset

Like other lingerie, corsets also need extra care and attention to prolong its life. Below are a few steps you can do during or after wearing your corset to make your corset last for years long.

How to wear your Corset?

If you love to wear your corset very often, then you should wear a slip or chemise under corsets to protect it from the sweat and natural body oils. While you first wear your corset, try not to over tighten or you could damage the fabric or the eyelets. And after you take off your corset, drape it over a hanger to let it breathe and relax. Remember that to mould to the natural curves of your body, corsets need a break in period. The fabric will conform after a short period of time allowing you to go tighter.

How to clean your Corset?

When you are in doubt, go for dry cleaning only. You may also be able to gently clean it with a mild cloth or brush depending upon the fabric of your corset. If your material of your corset is silk, brocade, or leather or materials that not to be washed, you must dry clean your corset. You should never wash your corset in a washing machine as it may damage it. Also don’t expose it to direct sunlight to dry as its color may get faded.


Selecting the right corset is very important as it can make or break the look. The key is to wear any corset that works best and to wear one that highlights all the features that the person desires to highlight. Now you may have some idea for selecting the perfect corset for you. Corsets are there for years, they are classic timeless piece and a must-have for your wardrobe. They will never go out of fashion. Whatever your size may be, they are available for all sizes and shapes. You can also get corsets for busty women. So no matter what your size is there is one corset for you. So be confident and try one today.


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